About Us


Situated on Fuengirola’s  main beach promenade our instalations are ideally located looking out onto the ocean making your gym workout an enjoyable experience.

Despite having expanded our installations over the years we have never stopped being a family run gym offering that added special and personalised treatment to each and every customer that passes through our doors.

You will often see the owners and gym trainers  advising any client who may be incorrectly using the equipment and for us this is very important. The correct use of the gym, the intensity used on each machine is pivital in helping our clients to acheive their goals safely and effectively.

DIEGO GETTE (Owner, Co Fundador)

I grew up on the outskirts of Rosario, Argentina, about 400km from Buenos Aires. Since my early teens bodybuilding had always fascinated me. By age 15 I had decided that I wanted to be a part of this fascinating world. I didn’t have a clue what to do, how to train properly nor eat adequately. I gathered information that I would hear and would design my own diets and exercise routines believing that eventually I would gain muscle.

I have always been very active and by 17 years of age I wanted to go out to work and was very happy when I landed a job working at a chocolate factory. The work consisted in lifting heavy loads of sugar and cacao powder which I used to do with great enthusiasm believing that it was in itself a workout and I would gain muscle.

As time went on I realised that my body had changed very little. I was full of illusion and dreams but lacked the adequate information needed to progress properly. From this point on I began to study what I loved and gained a bank of knowledge.

Once I had finished my studies I began to work at my first gym and it was at this time, encouraged by my boss, that I entered into my first bodybuilding compettion. It was tough but also an amazing experience which taught me the extent and power of the mind in this industry.

During the following 7 years I gained more experience and knowledge working in a numer of different gym establishments within the city and was given a managerial role in one of its most prestigious gyms.

In 2007 the social and economical insecurity in Argentina was even more real than ever. I was struggling to see a future so packed up by bags and with 200€ in my wallet flew to Europe.

I landed in Spain (Fuengirola) and within just a few days I had managed to get a job as a personal trainer in a local gym. I was ecstatic. In 2010 I had the chance to compete in my first national competion in Spain. With all the knowledge I had gained over the years this was my chance to really shine and achieve the body that I had always dreamt of having as a young teenager. It turned out to be a very special and satisfying year as I came first representing Andalucia and then went on to get second place for Spain.

My passion for fitness eventually led me to dream about one day having my own gym, and being able to run the gym the way I wanted. At this time in my life, although happy, I was not in the best economical space. My girlfriend and myself lived in a very modest 2×2 apartment which by coincidence had a gym in the basement and which had been closed for years. According to local gossip we found out it had been open on two occassions by two different owners but had closed down both times due to bad management.

With its bad reputation nobody wanted to touch it, everybody tried to sway us away from even thinking about it, but I could see potential.  

7 years have now passed and we have managed to gain a positive reputation amongst our clients. Known for our exceptional customer service we are the family run gym I had always dreamt of owning.

Today we are mostly recognized for our outstanding personal training service. Our work consists of giving our clients the necessary tools needed to achieve their goals both physically and mentally focusing on the importance  of a neuromuscular connection in our training method.

My story up until now has been a journey full of knowledge and I am still learning everyday. We love what we do at Sol Beach Fitness Centre and that shows in our approach and our professionalism.  My wife and I now have two beautiful children whom we treasure and we feel very privileged to be able to be working in an industry that we genuinely love and find very fulfilling. Seeing our client’s progress- you just cant beat that feeling!

What can we offer you?

The goal of New Body is to promote physical, mental and emotional health by
means of training and healthy eating.

Cardio 95%
Training 90%
Nutrition 87%
Advice 95%


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