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We launched our new website! We are in luck because we have launched our new website, and the best way to celebrate it is to be able to tell you a little about the process, and most important of all is that you all like it. We have wanted to renew our image for a while, since in the gym we do it very often, even with posters and exterior designs we

A personal trainer is one who gives you personal training, that is, adapted to you and only you. Personalized training is something that will favor your physical condition for many reasons that we will talk about later, think that if you are looking for a gym in Fuengirola or Malaga, you should also look for that personalized training center that meets your objectives. What are the goals of personal training? The

Before practicing any sport it is necessary to warm up, activate your muscles, prepare your body physically and mentally to enter into a state of physical effort. Warming up is a set of exercises and gentle movements that help us to prevent injuries. What to warm up our body? Warming up our muscles and joints is all those exercises or slight movements that we perform so that our body prepares itself,


An unbeatable place to carry out your training. Experience, treatment and personalized attention is what makes us stand out.

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