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Sol Beach

We are launching our new website!

We are in congratulation because we have launched our new website, and the best way to celebrate it is to tell you a little how the process has been, and most important of all is that you all like it.

For some time we had wanted to renew a little our image, as in the gym we do it very often, even with the posters and exterior designs we are always changing and designing something new.

But with our website we always for one reason or another could not find the time to start with the challenge of a new design. Until we made the decision to talk to our advertising agencySEB Creativos” to start with that project. We must say that they made things very easy for us and thanks to their predisposition and speed and such a perfectionist web designer, the project came out faster than expected.

Visit our social networks to see the day to day of our gym.

The rest is history 🙂 we have been totally satisfied and the results are there for all to see.



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