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Before practicing any sport it is necessary to warm up, activate your muscles, prepare the body physically and mentally to enter the state of physical exertion. Warming up is a set of exercises and gentle movements that help us to prevent injuries.

What to heat in our body?

Warming up our muscles and joints is all those exercises or slight movements that we perform so that our body prepares itself, as well as our mind, before a big overexertion that we are going to perform. The objective of this is to prevent injuries.

This is done by all professional athletes, as it is important for them to avoid problems that prevent them from practicing sport, so even if you are a runner or volleyball player, you must always warm up, to avoid injuries such as torn ligaments or problems such as sprains.

In a good warm-up we should include different exercises. The first is joint movement, move all the joints that we are going to force when exercising and thus avoid breaks or sprains. Cardiovascular, it is necessary to activate the heart, with a run at low intensity will be more than enough, increase our pulse is essential.

On the other hand, gentle stretching and if you can that is moving, no static stretching, this prepare ligaments and tissues of the body. Relative movements especially in those parts of the body that you are going to use more, such as shoulders or wrists, or perhaps ankle.

The objectives of the warm-up are:

To prepare the muscles for intense sport, to have an active coordination, to prepare the system in general and the group of muscles that we are going to use in particular, and above all it helps us to concentrate.

To do sport, to do sport well, it is necessary to concentrate. In the same way that to study we can not start with the most complicated because we would not understand anything, the same thing happens with this, our body collapses, our mind gets frustrated and in the end we give up, so it is necessary to go slowly, increasing the intensity, for our mood and our mental state.

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To all this you have to add more factors, such as the age of the person, because the older you are, the more warm-up you will need, likewise an overweight person will do sports at low intensity and will need the help of a professional physiotherapist to do their sports sessions and warm-ups, this way you will prevent any type of injury.

Therefore, whether you are a professional athlete or not, I advise you to go to a professional or a physiotherapy clinic that knows how to set the necessary warm-up guidelines to prevent injuries and that are best suited to the type of sport you do.

Last but not least, if you play impact sports such as soccer, athletics, tennis, paddle, basketball, or handball, we recommend that you always go to a trusted podiatrist because in these types of sports the foot is the most affected and if you do not warm up properly or do not use some type of orthopedic insole, a foot injury can keep you away from your favorite sport for a long time.

We hope these tips will help you and that you put them into practice to avoid or prevent injuries  and enjoy your sport in a healthy way

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